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TyreHeroes is an online national network of garages and tyre fitters, operating as independent businesses, with total control over the products and prices that their customers can chose, through their own individual webshops.

Each webshop is tailored to the individual needs and choices of the tyre fitter, in terms of tyre brands and prices.

Who powers TyreHeroes?

TyreHeroes is powered by Ltd, the online tyre wholesaler with the biggest ever range in the UK, sourcing tyres from over 70 EU and UK suppliers with 9 million tyres in stock.

Who are the TyreHeroes?

TyreHeroes are independent garages and tyre fitters, of all shapes and sizes, committed to a quality of service to their customers.

Each member of the network is accessed via their own webshop or website, which is promoted via the TyreHeroes website (the “Portal”) and also via its own ranking in the common search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo etc.).

What tyres are displayed?

The tyre fitters choose from TyreFactors comprehensive range of tyres.

By default, there are no exclusions of brands whatsoever. All are available, providing there is stock.

Fitters can opt out of any brands that they do not wish to promote, for any reason whatsoever.

How are the prices calculated?

All prices displayed are “Fitted” and inclusive of VAT.

The prices are calculated based upon the best cost price from, uplifted by the Tyre Fitters’ own margin (in £ or % or a mixture of both).

The margins applied to the cost price can be varied according to type of tyre (Car, Van 4x4) or by characteristic (e.g. RunFlats.)

How often are the prices updated? updates their own prices non-stop throughout the day.

The TyreHeroes prices are calculated overnight, based upon the most recent wholesale stock availability and prices, and are uploaded to the Tyre Fitters’ webshop early each morning before start of business, for the day’s trade.

How do I buy my tyres?

When a booking is made by a retail customer, check and also check your current suppliers. Buy from wherever you prefer: there is no obligation to buy from!

Indeed, you may even prefer to discuss alternatives with your customer, based upon promotions or more readily available product options, such as your own onsite stock.

How much does it cost?

To join TyreHeroes simply go to the Order Form page and fill out the relevant details.

There is an initial setup-fee and then a recurring monthly cost.

Both are dependent on the type of package you require, starting from as little as £115.00 (set-up) plus £39.50 (monthly) for the basic package.

How long is the contract?

The commitment to TyreHeroes is monthly in advance. Only one month’s notice is required to terminate the listing within the network.

How can I customise my webshop?

In addition to product range and sales prices, the basic package allows you to upload your logo and an image of your choice.

The site will be themed to suit your corporate colours.

Finally, you add information about your company as well as contact details and location.

Should you require more customisation, e.g. to match your own live website, this can be performed by our studio or by your own web designers.

We use an industry standard webshop build to deliberately make such customisation as easy as possible for any proficient web designer.

I already have a website: can I add a webshop to it?

Yes! We would simply create a sub-domain from your own website to add the tyre webshop.

I don’t have a website: can I have a webshop?

Yes! The TyreHeroes webshop can act as your own website.

Where do the tyres come from?’s tyres are sourced all over the UK and the EU. However, as you are not obliged to buy from TyreFactors, you can carry on using your own suppliers if you wish.

Use the TyreFactors’ stock to enhance your product portfolio where your regular suppliers might be restricted to certain brands, or not have the same ranges (winter tyres for example), or might be more expensive.

How long does it take to set up?

For the basic package, we will aim to set up your webshop within 48 hours.

A totally customised webshop or website with webshop will depend on the complexity of your requirements.

Can I add my own tyres?

No. At this stage this is not possible. However, there is every likelihood that the TyreFactors range already includes your own products, so there will probably be no need to do so.

If however you believe that your supplier is competitive, please introduce us! We would be happy to discuss a supply arrangement for the TyreHeroes network from your suppliers.

Can I change my prices?

Yes, simply contact us to modify your original margin setup.

Any changes would be applied for the next day’s price list.

How do customers find my webshop?

With the Basic package, all retail customers that visit the TyreHeroes portal are prompted to insert their preferred postcode (office / home). They then run a tyre search and are automatically directed to your webshop, if you are the nearest garage to that postcode.

If you take out one of the Yell options, Yell will ensure that you are prominent in any local Google/Bing search for tyres in your area.

We also offer a very cost effective Ad-Word service as a further enhancement of your package, so that you stand every chance of being presented to any local online tyre buyer.

And finally, we run regular campaigns for the network with both Affiliate Partners and with Voucher Partners, offering discounts to customers to drive more sales opportunities to your webshop. 

Can my customers pay online?

Not yet!

We will introduce online payment in the future. Our aim at the moment is to grow the network and to ensure that you retain every opportunity to close the deals that are best for you and your customers.

This means that you can speak to your customer before finalising any booking and ensuring that they get the full benefit of your service and expertise, even before they turn up for their fitting.